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Crosswalk upgrade in downtown Schenectady

Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority and city officials on Tuesday, Sept. 25, announced construction is starting this week to upgrade the crosswalk linking the Metroplex Parking Garage and Stratton Plaza in downtown Schenectady.

A new thermoplastic crossing will be installed at the crosswalk, which serves as an main entranceway to Proctors. Ennis-Flint, manufacturer of the thermoplastic material, is donating the material and Watervliet-based Harbour Roads will install it at no cost. The new crossing is designed to be highly visible, slip resistant and durable, according to Metroplex officials.

“This is a very busy crossing. Our new City Engineer was able to get Ennis-Flint and Harbour Roads to agree to use this crossing to demonstrate a thermoplastic technology that offers increased visibility and durability," Mayor Gary McCarthy said in a statement. "If the test goes well, we could introduce this same type of material at other busy crossings.”

Metroplex is also investing around $1,000 to improve curb cuts at the crossing, which is aimed to make it safer for pedestrians and more accessible for people with physical disabilities.

For information on thermoplastic technology visit www.ennistraffic.com


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