Letter: Quackenbush unfairly attacked

Editor, The Spotlight:

We feel compelled to write this letter, because we are disturbed by recent mailings/commercials that have twisted and taken Tom Quackenbush’s words out of context. These mailings have been malicious in nature, without having the courtesy of identifying the writers. This lack of signatures indicates the writers are cowards that falsely accuse and attack Tom Quackenbush’s integrity.

We had the opportunity to personally speak with Tom Quackenbush, when he was campaigning in our neighborhood. We questioned Mr. Quackenbush about what his ethical and moral beliefs were, as we feel these qualities are the heart of a candidate. We also feel that moral and ethical beliefs reflect upon what action or behavior and individual will execute.

We will be voting for Mr. Quackenbush for the position of 111th State Assembly, as he shares our concerns regarding: 1. Ethical accountability of the handling of the sexual harassment scandal by Speaker Sheldon Silver, 2. the college tuition for illegal immigrant’s bill by Speaker Sheldon Silver, 3. Same-sex marriage, and 4. the importance of bi-partisanship.

We are confident that Mr. Quackenbush will represent us proudly, and not resort to the “dirty politics” of Mr. Santabarbara.

Dennis and Sheryl Pelkey


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