A rumble in the night

Glenville residents complain about new rumble strips on Route 5

Residents of Amsterdam Road in Glenville complain these center line rumble strips are doing more harm than good.

Residents of Amsterdam Road in Glenville complain these center line rumble strips are doing more harm than good. Photo by John Purcell.

— In the FHWA’s Technical Advisory for Center Line Rumble Strips, it said: “The noise produced by vehicles encountering the rumble strips is generally not pleasant to residents along the roadway. While residents would not normally complain about a rumble noise that averted a traffic crash, most rumble noise results from incidental contact where the vehicle might not have been heading toward a crash.”

Matthews attested to such incidental contact being heard.

“We constantly hear people driving down these rumble strips from where they start until we can’t hear them anymore,” he said.

Matthews claims there wasn’t any public outreach prior to the installation, as recommended by the FHWA, and he said residents would have rather had them lower the speed limit if there is a safety concern.

“I don’t think we have any accidents there in the past six or seven years,” he said.

The DOT issued a short statement in response to The Spotlight’s inquiries about the rumble strips on Amsterdam Road, and declined to comment further.

“Safety is our first priority. This is one of our first applications of the centerline rumble strips, which have been proven to reduce head-on crashes along roads like Amsterdam Road through Glenville,” DOT spokeswoman Carol Breen said in an email.

The DOT also resurfaced Amsterdam Road west of Vley Road, continuing along Route 5, but Matthews said there weren’t center line rumble strips installed along the 55 mph roadway.

“We are calling on you to join us with a resolution and ask you to please do that for the residents,” he said to the Town Board.

Town Supervisor Christopher Koetzle said he would have Highway Superintendent Thomas Coppola look at the roadway and the board would discuss it at its next works session meeting on April 11. Koetzle said he would also reach out to the DOT before the meeting.

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